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Laura Girod

The Request Network team is committed to create a financial platform with the potential to become the standard for invoices, accounting, auditing, and payments in crypto-currencies and fiat assets. You can learn more on our website and on our .

Request Network is built to allow anyone to develop advanced payment conditions (what we call request extensions). Today we’re explaining one of the potential use cases: Continuous Payments. What does it mean? It means that you will eventually get paid by the second, the minute, or by the day instead of at the end of the month.

What is the concept of Continuous Payments?

Continuous Payments are a way to split a payment into many smaller payments.

The fact that we manage our finances on a monthly basis has motivated us to introduce Continuous Payments — there’s always a gap between our paycheck and all our expenses. We’d like to change that.

Below is a graph representing today’s standard account vs what it would look like with a continuous account.

The impacts on managing ourfinances

Today, if you just look at your standard account balance, you can’t be sure how much money you really own. We got into the habit of making accounting calculations to try to determine if we will make it until the end of the month.

We’re used to document an expense on a monthly basis because there was no other way to manage them. In controlling and accounting, we always think and calculate on a monthly basis — this is our standard. But why? Shouldn’t the future be a place where we earn and spend money or tokens continuously?

Continuous Payments are an important step in the direction of finance simplicity. A Continuous Account better reflects our balance than a Standard Account . Continuous Payments also allow for better finance management for the payer, and trust for the payee. For businesses, continuous payments bring a market trust between customers and suppliers.

How Request will integrate Continuous Payments?

On the user interface side, Request will make it easy to create a continuous payment request, as well as other payment types (escrow, factoring, down payments…).

Continuous invoices will be incorporated into Request as an extension . The extension layer has been designed to handle any type of advanced payment conditions.

To bypass an infinity of transaction costs, a continuous invoice will work in a similar way as a vesting contract  — your balance on the invoice increases continuously and you can withdraw the invoice funds to your account at any time.

Depending on the demands, we expect Request to support Continuous Payments in Q1 2018 .

Who would be the first to use continuous payments?

Who needs this? Here’s a list of potential early adopters:

Paying salaries could be the first application, it will be fairer for the employees to be paid continuously and could result in a better finance management.

On a side note, it will be interesting to analyze the economical impact of a fluid economy. We imagine that accounting and auditing firms would also be interested in revisiting the ‘monthly-basis’ standard.

Feel free to contact us at continuous@request.network to be among the first ones to use this extension.

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There were a fair few pleas for special treatment for blockchains in the last few months before the GDPR kicked in — arguing that this business innovation was so very important, and had such huge potential, that the EU should definitely consider workarounds for them personally.

But there’s no way the legislators were going to give a hoot at that late stage.

I can understand businesses not quite getting around to starting the hard work until the last moment — but how did blockchain people miss an existential threat like this for two years? Did they think the EU wasn’t serious?

The GDPR is antimatter to a lot of blockchain use cases — specifically, the ones that first assume a AmoonyFashion Womens Round Closed Toe High Heels Soft Material Low top Solid Boots Black 37 IgSIICbg

IBM has a few of these. Their pitch is Cole Haan Womens Dey Bootie Driftwood Leather HsJEbXSIN
IBM really, really want to sell this to you. And Pal thinks the GDPR makes this impossible.

But — what does a blockchain get you that you don’t get with a perfectly ordinary database, like IBM has sold for manner of administration of people’s personal data for a century or more?

Any data aggregation containing Twisted Womens Ruby Floral Canvas Knotted Toe Ballet Flat White 9AzX8gt
— an even wider category than Personally Identifiable Information (PII) — must be redactable.

A permissioned blockchain offers no new integrity guarantees over just putting a plain data dump in a tamper-evident Merkle tree. Whoever controls the permissions, controls the database — and has GDPR responsibility. You’re just making it ridiculously harder to perform legally-obliged redaction.

No business wants the phrase “Cambridge Analytica, but on the blockchain” next to their name.

Personal data in a proof-of-work blockchain — that’d be flat-out insane. If you knowingly and deliberately put personal data into a blockchain that you literally don’t control, your next question will be whether Under Armour Mens Mirage 30 Military and Tactical Boot Cannon/Maverick Brown/Black 0kHnAVt
is greater than the cost of running a 51% attack.

Of course, some people — such as the UN’s World Food Programme! — still think doing that is a great idea.

Dealing with the GDPR is not onerous — unless your business model is to abuse people’s personal information … or you were silly enough to put personal data into an append-only ledger.

There’s no GDPR police looking to catch you out. Certainly for the next few years — until everyone gets a handle on best practices — you’ll get points for sincere effort.

But, just to restate the obvious — DON’T PUT PERSONAL DATA INTO AN APPEND-ONLY LEDGER.

You wouldn’t check personal data into a Git repository and expect redaction to be easy — have you ever had to remove a binary blob from a Git repo? Tedious, wasn’t it?— so don’t even think of doing it with a blockchain.

Anyone trying to sell you a blockchain for personal data is a charlatan, and thoroughly deserves to have their business model broken.

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I decided to make a guide on how to travel to Petra independently so that you don’t need to feel obliged to take an overpriced tour . My travel buddy and I did it on our own and had a great time even on a small budget. Here’s how we did it and how you can travel to Petra independently yourself.

Firstly, you will need to get to Wadi Musa, which is the town right next to Petra.

Petra=abandoned, ancient city

Wadi Musa= modern, tourist city. Your hotel will be here.

Whew you will be exhausted! But it is possible to travel to Petra independently in one day.

From Amman you have to take the JETT Bus that leaves daily at 6:30 in the morning from the JETT office near Abdali station in Amman and arrives right next door to the park entrance. It costs 10 Dinars each way. The bus goes back to Amman at 5:00 in the evening.

From Aqaba there is also a JETT bus that leaves at 8:30 and departs at 4:00 every day.

If you are coming from Eilat then you will end up having to take taxis to the bus, or you can just take a taxi the entire way. I will address that below. I am not addressing visa formalities for different borders and getting into Jordan in this guide, but the border near Eilat opens at 6:30 am which gives you time to get to the bus. You can get that info .

You can book only the Amman to Petra trip online via , but you still have to call within 24 hours to confirm your booking.

P.S. “JETT” means Jordan Express Tourist Transportation.

Yes, definitely! You will be exhausted but you will still see a lot. You just really need to budget your time. If I were in your position I would, upon entry, go immediately to the Monastery. It is is at the far end of the park. It will take over an hour to arrive at the staircase from the park entrance. You just follow the tourist path until you get to the little lunch areas and toilets. Just beyond them is the staircase to the monastery.

Haul your ass up that staircase and see that monastery first because it is amazing. Then, you can take your time on the way back to the park entrance and explore the other amazing parts of the park for the rest of the day. I ran into a few day tourists who had to miss the monastery because they spent too much time at the beginning in less interesting places.

Oh yeah, on your way to the monastery be sure to get a picture of the Treasury in full sunlight. It is in the sun in the morning but the shade hits in the afternoon.

If you want to travel to Petra independently from Amman and have more time or a tinier budget, then I suggest you take the public minibus to Wadi Musa. This is what we did! It costs 5 Dinars and leaves several times a day when full.

Fortunately, the function still has room for improvements.

Let's move the destructuring assignment right into the parameters section. And set a default value (an empty object { } ) for config parameter, to skip the second argument when default settings are enough.

Try in repl.it

Notice that a destructuring assignment replaces the config parameter in function's signature. I like that: quote() becomes one line shorter. = {} on the right side of destructuring assignment ensures that an empty object is used if the second argument is not specified at all quote('Sunny day') .

Object destructuring is a powerful feature that handles efficiently the extraction of properties from objects. I like the possibility to specify a default value to be returned when the accessed property doesn't exist. As result, you avoid undefined and the problem related to handling it.

Tip 5: Fill the object with default properties

If there is no need to create variables for every property like the destructuring assignment does, the object that misses some properties can be filled with default values.

The ES2015 Object.assign(target, source1, source2, ...) copies the values of all enumerable own properties from one or more source objects into the target object. The function returns the target object.

For instance, you need to access the properties of unsafeOptions object, which not always contains its full set of properties.

To avoid undefined when accessing a non-existing property from unsafeOptions , let's make some adjustments:

eshion Women Winter Cotton Round Toe Suede Chunky Lace Up Martin Ankle Boot Apricot TENid4Ii

unsafeOptions contains only fontSize property. defaults object defines the default values for properties fontSize and color .

Object.assign() takes the first argument as a target object {} . The target object receives the value of fontSize property from unsafeOptions source object. And the value of color property from defaults source object, because unsafeOptions doesn't contain color . The order in which the source objects are enumerated does matter: later source object properties overwrite earlier ones.

You are now safe to access any property of options object, including options.color that wasn't available in unsafeOptions initially.

Fortunately exists an easier and lighter way to fill the object with default properties. I recommend to use a new JavaScript feature (now at stage 3 ) that allows to InterestPrint Womens Jogging Running Sneaker Lightweight Go Easy Walking Comfort Sports Running Shoes Multi 4 hpOubQ

Instead of Object.assign() invocation, use the object spread syntax to copy into target object all own and enumberable properties from source objects:


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