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Read and share the full letter.
Dear Everybody
Dear Everybody,

Got a question for someone with a disability? Ask them, not the person with them.

Read and share the full letter.
Dear Everybody
Dear Everybody,

Just because someone doesn't speak the way you do, doesn't mean they don't have a lot to say.

Read and share the full letter.
Dear Everybody
Dear Everybody,

We live with our disabilities every day. You might think that’s the biggest problem but it isn’t. The biggest problem is the world that’s full of stigma around living with a disability. People are afraid to offend so they avoid asking questions or making conversation. But we need to get these answers out there, we need to start talking. So we’re putting it all out there. Every line of our letter helps people understand our lives, puts a little information into our world and takes a little stigma out of it. So read and share because a world without stigma is a better world for everybody.

Here we go.

Thank you for reading. If you discovered one new thing about living with a disability, then we already live in a better world. Please share this letter and help us start an even bigger conversation.

From the kids of Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

It’s time

to end stigma for young Canadians with disabilities. So we’re putting it all out there.

Position Paper

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital provides care for children and youth with disabilities, medical complexity and those who require rehabilitation after illness or trauma. We are committed to sharing our expertise and advancing social justice to build a world of no boundaries for all children and youth with disabilities.

While we celebrate the increasing value placed on diversity and inclusion in society, we have to ask, where do children and youth with disabilities fit into the conversation? Children and youth with disabilities continue to face far too many frustrating, heartbreaking, and otherwise damaging barriers – barriers caused, ultimately, by stigma.

In our position paper, , learn more about stigma – what it is, why we do it, how it impacts people with disabilities, and how to stop it.


About Holland Bloorview

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is a leader in helping young people with disabilities and their families to build resilience and achieve a world of boundless possibilities. Our research, inventions, and evidence-informed practice guidelines impact the lives of children and youth around the globe. Our efforts are guided by a goal to lead and model social change by advancing awareness and deep acceptance of disability as part of diversity.

Holland Bloorview is also an academic hospital fully affiliated with the University of Toronto. We focus on improving the lives of kids with disabilities, kids needing rehabilitation after illness or trauma, and kids whose medical complexity requires specialized care. We serve nearly 7,500 children and youth annually, accounting for more than 1,000 unique diagnoses. We serve families from across Ontario, Canada in our inpatient units and specialized medical clinics, and provide outpatient therapy, life skills and recreation programming for families in the Greater Toronto area.

Read the hospital's anti-stigma position paper .


About Dear Everybody

Why is Holland Bloorview launching this movement? We are launching this movement to end stigma faced by kids and young adults with disabilities. We want to help people re-think their understanding of disability and change their day-to-day behaviours in areas such as education, employment, friendship and health care to ensure all children and youth feel like they belong in society. This supports the hospital’s vision to create the most meaningful and healthy lives for all children, youth and families.

"As a kids’ hospital, we feel strongly that you can’t care for a child’s health without thinking about their future," says Julia Hanigsberg, president and CEO of Holland Bloorview. "We have an important role to change minds about disability. We see the strengths that come from a more inclusive and accessible society. We believe in a world of no boundaries, and it’s time to build it together as allies."

How will an open letter help end stigma? The letter starts the conversation that won’t start itself. It amplifies the voices of kids and youth with disabilities who ask and answer questions and tackle misconceptions head-on. The letter, along with the hospital’s anti-stigma position paper, tip sheets and other resources, helps empower the general public to contribute to ending the cycle of stigma and adjust their attitudes and behaviours.

How was Dear Everybody developed? The campaign was developed in collaboration with the kids and youth of Holland Bloorview. It was critical that their voices were central to the campaign and that it amplified their words and experiences. The campaign was also supported by families, front line clinicians, client and family centred care experts, scientists, and others, and was a partnership with our pro-bono agency partner KBS. The advertising is supported by over $1 million in donated media space from media companies across the Greater Toronto Area and nationally, including an ongoing partnership with Rogers Media.

Who should pay attention to Dear Everybody? Everybody. We need to end stigma for young people with disabilities in all areas of life, from the classroom to the workplace, the playground to the hospital. The campaign is meant to support parents, kids, employers, public policy makers, educators, health-care providers and allies.

How can people get involved in Dear Everybody?

How can I connect with the Dear Everybody team? Please contact us at ‎ .



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We selected Method 3: Life Table, Observed Quit Rates as the best set of assumptions as it accounts for the biases (lifetime recall, independence assumption, exclusion of unsuccessful quitters) that affect Method 1 (Recalled Attempts Among Successful Quitters) and Method 2 (Constant Rate Assumption), and consequently provides a better estimate of the average number of attempts prior to quitting successfully than those two methods. Arguably, Method 4: Life Table, Recalled Lifetime Quit numbers improves upon Method 3 as it uses a distribution of success per quit attempt that may be more realistic. That is, Method 4 demonstrates that, as expected, the highest success rates are not on the first lifetime quit attempt, but rather peak after a number of quit attempts, before declining. However, the downside of Method 4 is that it is likely underestimating the quit success rates, particularly for the early attempts as we were unable to measure the quit success of people who quit prior to study entry and who conceivably were people who found quitting easier. The implication is that the 30-attempt estimate is likely still underestimating the true average number of attempts, but the true estimate is likely lower than that obtained for Method 4.

The estimate of 30 attempts is consistent with the estimate of quitting behaviour from Borland et al 13 who found an annual rate of quit attempts of ∼1 per year. Given that most smokers begin smoking as adolescents, at an average of one quit per year, if, on average it takes 30 attempts to quit, we would expect the average smoker to quit in their late 40s or early 50s—consistent with clinical observations.

It is important to note that this is a descriptive estimate, and not a normative one. This has two implications. The first is that it is important to consider the results as an average of a population, rather than any one individual experience. Despite a high number of quit attempts needed to quit was found on average in this study, many individual smokers are able to quit successfully on relatively few attempts. Joules Womens Welly Print Rain Boot French Navy Anya Spot UOEa2R
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suggested that between 40% and 52% of former smokers quit the first time they make a serious attempt to do so. This is consistent with the assumption that quit attempts are not independent—those who have difficulty quitting will need to make many more quit attempts to succeed than those who have less difficulty. While many people may be able to quit smoking on the first few attempts, others may not be able to quit after hundreds of attempts. Efforts can also be taken by individuals to improve their chances of success, such as using quit aids, or receiving counselling.

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