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4 See, for example, Ali Allawi, The Occupation of Iraq: Winning the War, Losing the Peace (London: Yale University Press, 2013).

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12 See for example: Priyanka Boghani, “In Their Own Words: Sunnis on Their Treatment in Maliki’s Iraq,” PBS Frontline, October 28, 2014, accessed February 11, 2016, Fila Mens Talon 2 Strap Athletic Sneakers White White Fila Navy 7Dm3oR

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This page helps you design your Apache Beam pipeline. It includes information about how to determine your pipeline’s structure, how to choose which transforms to apply to your data, and how to determine your input and output methods.

Before reading this section, it is recommended that you become familiar with the information in the French Sole FS/NY Womens Ora Dress Pump Black GyZ2CGHB

What to consider when designing your pipeline

When designing your Beam pipeline, consider a few basic questions:

Where is your input data stored? What does your data look like? What do you want to do with your data? What does your output data look like, and where should it go?

The simplest pipelines represent a linear flow of operations, as shown in figure 1.

Figure 1: A linear pipeline.

However, your pipeline can be significantly more complex. A pipeline represents a JOE N JOYCE Women Rio SoftFootbed Metallic SynSoft Sandals Slippers Nude rLk3zf
of steps. It can have multiple input sources, multiple output sinks, and its operations ( PTransform s) can both read and output multiple PCollection s. The following examples show some of the different shapes your pipeline can take.

It’s important to understand that transforms do not consume PCollection s; instead, they consider each individual element of a PCollection and create a new PCollection as output. This way, you can do different things to different elements in the same PCollection .

You can use the same PCollection as input for multiple transforms without consuming the input or altering it.

The pipeline in figure 2 is a branching pipeline. The pipeline reads its input (first names represented as strings) from a database table and creates a PCollection of table rows. Then, the pipeline applies multiple transforms to the same PCollection . Transform A extracts all the names in that PCollection that start with the letter ‘A’, and Transform B extracts all the names in that PCollection that start with the letter ‘B’. Both transforms A and B have the same input PCollection .

Figure 2: A branching pipeline. Two transforms are applied to a single PCollection of database table rows.

The following example code applies two transforms to a single input collection.

Another way to branch a pipeline is to have a single transform output to multiple PCollection s by using Cattior Womens Coral Cute Slipper Shoes House Indoor Slippers Red 5AFKRn
. Transforms that produce more than one output process each element of the input once, and output to zero or more PCollection s.


Figure 3 illustrates the same example described above, but with one transform that produces multiple outputs. Names that start with ‘A’ are added to the main output PCollection , and names that start with ‘B’ are added to an additional output PCollection .

Most of our Mojo Moxy Womens Elsa Dress Pump Black Uxb7WX0Fs
work primarily on farm animal issues. Successes in the area range from spreading awareness through protests, individual outreach and mass media, to corporate and legislative policy changes. Corporate and legislative policy changes are the most easily documented accomplishments, and many are listed on the following page. —Humane Society of the United States. Lacoste Womens Lt Fit 118 3 Spw Sneaker Light Purp/Red sfHqay

Advocacy efforts so far have focused mainly on banning the most obviously cruel farming practices and on persuading the most receptive people to become activists or change their diet. It seems likely that addressing other farming practices or other groups of people will eventually require new methods.

Animal agriculture deliberately organizes resistance to animal advocates’ work in this field. For instance, “The [Animal Agriculture] Alliance monitors the activities of these activist groups and seeks to proactively engage in the same areas they target to correct misinformation and tell the true story of agriculture.” —Animal Agriculture Alliance. ASICS Tiger Unisex GelLyte III Legion Blue/Legion Blue Sneaker Mens 85 Womens 10 Medium U6EaANj

“As of 2013, Charity Navigator listed 80 major U.S. animal shelters with budgets over $3.5 million, together endowed with $835 million. By contrast, 9 major U.S. farm animal outreach organizations together controlled just $16 million.” —ACE. Caterpillar Womens Kitson AST WPF Work Boot Oak zFsCL

In 2015, we found that every organization on which we conducted a medium or deep review had room for additional funding beyond what they expected to receive in the coming year. Most of these organizations do substantial work on farm animal advocacy. —Bockman, J. (December 1, 2015). Updated Recommendations: December 2015 . ACE Blog.

“The field of animal advocacy has historically suffered from a lack of research attention. As a result, in our research ACE continually encounters questions not addressed directly by existing studies…. On this page we list ideas for studies that we believe would provide useful information, but that we do not have the capability to conduct in the near future. We hope that researchers interested in improving the lives of animals will consider conducting these or related studies.” —ACE. Research Proposals.

Above, we estimated that there are about 100 million lab animals and 1 billion companion animals, with many more farm and wild animals. But many companion animals live in situations of relative comfort. See the section on Importance .

For instance, the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments has successfully banned animal testing of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients in the E.U.

In the U.S., general animal advocacy groups and groups specifically organized to oppose animal testing publish guides to help consumers avoid products that have been tested on animals and have convinced specific companies and schools to stop using animals for testing and education. —ACE. Animals Used in Research .

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